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on Friday, August 23, 2013
The Breakdown:

You may have noticed many websites that provide YouTube services from views to likes to subscribers for different prices. And you are here right now trying to decide if buying the views are really worth the money. Some common questions among the users may be: 

- Will it provide longterm benefit to my videos? 

- Will I rank higher on youtube for purchasing these services? 
- Does the service justify the price? 
- Is the seller reliable? 
- Will my videos get banned from youtube? 

In short answer is, YES buying these youtube services are quite helpful. Now, I am not an seo expert with YouTube or google but one thing I do know is that buying these services are one of the key components in getting your channel and videos featured and recognized in the community. 

Here is an example, did you know that many of the popular artists and brands bulk purchase youtube services to become featured on youtube's front page? It isn't even surprising that the viral video, Gangnam Style had probably used these services as well as other methods to gain recognition. 

Now, I am not saying that just purchasing these services will guarantee your videos to become viral. Let's just say that these services just "boost" your rank on YouTube within a period of time. But the viral factor of a video does not come from youtube views and such but its content, length, and unique elements that will make people share the video. Now, this post is not intended to discuss how to make your video go viral as I will save that for another day but I am simply using viral videos as an example of how they were able to achieve the step of recognition faster by using youtube services

For privacy purposes, I will not mention my youtube channel but I admit to purchasing these services to rank higher on youtube. With over 2000 subscribers and 15 million views today, I can safely say that youtube services were able to get me to where I am today in less than a year. 

As a tip though, if you are creating a video, THINK very carefully about the title and tags. Do not use unoriginal, short titles and tags. For example, if you put the tag as buy, toasters, online, people would not search for those 3 words separately. What you need to do is to create LONGTAIL tags such as, "buy toasters online". Now what this does is it refines your search phrase and allow you to gain more accurate results when the users are searching for the exact terms. 

Below are the services I recommend using as I have searched for them endlessly to find the best deal in the end. Both of the services I am about to recommend was purchased individually in the past and I am happy to provide you the links to the services: 


Fiverr is a great site for purchasing anything for $5. What I consider this site the greatest is its wide range of services with different offers. One of the first "gigs" (order) that I have purchased was from fiverr and I was quite happy with the results in the end. 

Link: Click Here


eBay, almost like fiverr but with offers with a range of prices. Although when it comes to pricing, you have to be careful which service you purchase, I will give you the link to the recommended product. 

Link: Click Here


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